Android Leading Smart phone operating System that is More Attractive For Business
The ease or hardship of Android development truly depends on one’s previous experience. If one has more experience in C++ or C, developing Android apps is possibly not difficult. With the platform, as long as one has the basics and start building solid production apps, the process would be a whole lot easier and simpler. For those who are into developing Android applications, they should keep in mind that they should have at least a basic knowledge of Java or other object-oriented languages. They should also download the Android SDK with a phone emulator and acquire free IDE like Eclipse. It is also a major requirement to have a free Android documentation, of course an Android device or phone and a good Android phone for basics reference as well. There are available Android lifecycles to make development fast and easy. The lifecycles include the Agile method, Waterfall method and Rapid action development.


8/12/2013 10:14:18 am

As I think for android app development you should be good in Java classic java, some third party libraries, minimal understanding of xml because you will be using it for some ui rendering and setting up some configuration/properties.


Absolutely true. Android apps development requires a very strong knowledge in Java. Android SDK is the base for developing Android apps. Tried doing an app. Actually its fun developing an App by ourself.


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